By now you've probably heard your friends talking about Excel Fitness & Performance or our Parisi Speed School Program. Maybe you attended one of our Charity Fundraiser workouts, or watched one of our amazing success story videos. 

However it is you have heard of us, we are thankful you have gotten this far to check us out. We have been working with people just like you to help get on track to improve their health and eating habits, feel the best they have in years, and look great.

Our 14-Day Kick Start is a balanced approach of great workouts, great sense of community and support as well as easy to follow nutrition to get you started on your way to success.  

At Excel we believe and use the 4 Pillars of Fitness to help you get in the shape you want and more importantly help stay there!

  1. Nutrition

  2. Exercise and Movement

  3. Supplementation

  4. Coaching and Accountability

We cannot wait for you to step into our facility and have an experience with like-minded members who are there as much to support you are they are themselves! 

Come see how we have helped countless people in this community EXCEL in reaching their goals. NOW it is YOUR time!  


Our 4 Pillars of Fitness for Success

  1. Nutrition:

    You can’t out-exercise bad nutrition. Fuel your transformation with foods you actually enjoy! There are NO GIMMICKS, and this is not a diet, just our proven method for achieving amazing results with all of our clients.

  2. Exercise & Movement:

    We provide workouts that stimulate progress and keep your body changing!

  3. Supplementation:

    Fill your nutrient gaps with a personalized plan to speed your results!

  4. Coaching & Accountability:

    Our coaches and other members make your experience FUN, SAFE, EFFECTIVE and MOTIVATING!



  • Up to 14 Days of Unlimited Team Training Sessions

  • 14 Day Nutrition and Meal Plan Guide

  • Game Plan & Success Session

  • Excel Coaches and Support

  • The World’s BEST FitFam!

  • Daily Motivation