Is Your Goal to Get Results or to Get Tired?

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning and came across a post the really caught my attention.  A good percentage of my Facebook friends are other owners, coaches and trainers in the health, fitness and performance industry.  So I often read posts by other coaches that I consider mentors of mine.  The one today was from Matt Pack who owns Primal Fit 360 down in Miami Shores, FL. Niki and I were just discussing this very topic the other day, and I couldn't pass up this opportunity to talk about it.  Below is Matt's post:

"I totally get that gyms are wanting to serve more people at the same time but seeing workouts like this is not only offensive to "FAT Amy" but it's irresponsible!  I see mindless "programming" like this all over the internet and in every gym I visit.

Trainers and Coaches will dish out workouts like this as long as there is a demand for being tired.  A re-education for both the Trainer and Consumer are definitely in order. 

To the Trainers, you are supposed to be the expert!  Educate the consumer that tired and sweaty doesn't equate to fat loss.  Communicate to them that results take time and to be patient.

To the Consumer, you deserve better and should seek out responsible trainers who are educated in Exercise Science and Program design.  Doesn't anyone weight train anymore?"

This topic is something that is discussed a lot in the Performance Trainer/Coach world...the difference between a Training system that is purposeful in educating you and  to bring you lasting results and then facilities out there that pop up everywhere and focus on making the consumer believe the results come from making you tired and fatigued as possible.

As Matt said, there are so many "gyms" out there nowadays with mindless, irresponsible programming pulling workouts out of their back pocket making you believe that being tired and doing your best is the same thing.  News flash...that's not true.

Consumers, make sure you do your research on the facility you are considering joining or are already a member of.  Is it a "boot camp" where the workouts are copied from YouTube, is it a facility that boasts about its technology and how that technology is the answer to you achieving your goals?  Or is it a nationally recognized training system that understands program design and its trainers are certified and continually educating themselves on helping their clients be the best versions of themselves.?  

As the consumer you're paying for've set a goal to get healthy and get in are trusting your body and ultimately your future on the program you before you buy into their business your research on the training and their training philosophy.  One size does not fit all!  Having every client do the same exercise regardless of fitness level or health or injury concerns is not a training system.  

At Excel Fitness & Performance, not only are we part of the Parisi Speed School franchise which is a nationally renowned sports performance training program for athletes starting at age 7 all the way to pro and olympic athletes, but we are also a part of the Alloy Personal Training system.  Alloy is the training system we use to train all of our adult clients and we emphasize program design and movement quality.  In other words, we don't do one size fits all workouts!  Every client goes through a Game Plan & Assessment session to go over goals and perform a movement screen so that our coaches can determine the best training program for you.  With this information we can also prescribe you with corrective exercises and movement prep work to help you move better (will discuss this in a later blog post).  

If you are looking for a fitness facility that truly wants to help you be the best version of yourself, consider training with us at Excel Fitness & Performance.  Thanks again to Matt Pack for posting about this earlier to allow me to share my 2 cents on the subject.  Hope you all have a great weekend.