Healthy isn't a Goal, it's a Way of Living

Today at my follow up appointment with my doctor while they were checking my blood pressure, oxygen levels, medication list and pulse he started making jokes...

“What’s your problem?! You don’t want to send the pharmacist on vacation?!”

“WOW!!! Your blood pressure!!!”
I asked if it was ok, he said ... “there’s NO better number! You nailed it!”

“Tell your husband he’s a lucky man! You aced everything! He should be proud that you use exercise and eating right to take care of yourself.”

That one made me chuckle a little but the truth is... these accomplishments feel as good as the day I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon because it was just 5 years ago that i was sitting here being told I was obese. When they said my physical ailments could be cured with exercise and healthy eating i rolled my eyes... but here I am today... 5 years in...

I never gave up!!! 
I never quit!!!

And when I’m told that I’m doing all the right things to control the direction of my health my heart is overjoyed.
Many of you know I have refocused and really been working hard to be Present and impactful in my children’s lives... even though no one is promised tomorrow, the accomplishment of working towards my own health filled my heart with joy not because of the number on the scale but because of the number of years i hope to have with my family.