Parisi History:

In 1992, Bill Parisi started out toward a dream. His All-American track career over, he saw numerous limitations in the way American athletes were training for sport, and he wanted to help remedy the situation. Armed with a motivational speech, some equipment, and a 500 dollar van, Bill drove to high schools in New Jersey looking for coaches and teams that wanted to take advantage of state-of-the-art training techniques. That was the single-handed beginning of what has now become a multi-personal approach to changing the face of American athletics as we know it. That was the birth of the Parisi Speed School.

Over 24 years and 90+ Parisi Speed School franchises later, the dream continues to expand. Now with over 800,000 athletes from every level of athletics having experienced the Parisi Speed School, the program has become nationally recognized as the leader in performance enhancement training. In early 2016, there are over 90 Parisi Franchise locations in 30 different states across America. This national movement will continue to expand in the coming years to allow any athlete to take advantage of the Parisi training experience.

From athletes 7 years old all the way to the Pros, the Parisi Speed School has allowed athletes to do the two things our program strives for: Athletes have improved their athletic performance, but more importantly, they have developed a higher level of self-confidence.

If you are looking to get faster, stronger, and build more self-confidence, then the Parisi Speed School is the nation’s number one choice to get you there. Call us to reserve your free speed class today and experience the Parisi Speed School for yourself!

Excel History:

Excel Fitness & Performance was built on a dream to create a one of a kind facility in Brevard County to empower people of all ages and abilities to be the best they can be. A place where the whole family can make connections be educated and inspired to improve their self-confidence and quality of life.  We are in the business of Forming Fit Families.

The Parisi Speed School is the foundation of our business and has fueled our mission to empower America’s youth, so that when they are adults leading our country, they can do so with the strength of character that will lead to their success in life.

Excel Fitness & Performance was started by in 2010 by Manny and Niki Lherisse when they moved back to Melbourne from Boston, Massachusetts. Manny graduated from Melbourne Central Catholic in 1994 where he played basketball and football.  He went on to play college basketball at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL. Upon returning to Melbourne Manny realized there was not any quality sports performance training facilities in the area and he wanted to do something about that. He knew that Parisi was the industry leader in youth fitness & performance training and only wanted to align himself with the best.

In March 2010, the first Parisi Speed School franchise in the state of Florida was opened in Melbourne. We have grown from subleasing 1,000 sq ft in a baseball training facility with 1 client to our current facility of over 5,000 sq ft and over 150 clients. We have expanded our services and not only do we work with kids, but we now offer personal training services for adults as well. Our team travels around Brevard and surrounding counties conducting team camps and clinics, corporate wellness programs, free demos at several local schools, and businesses as well as presenting at conferences for Health and Physical Education providers.

Our adult training program is second to none, and we train and treat all of our clients like world class athletes. We know there is an athlete in everyone... that inner person who wants to lose weight, play with the kids, walk on the beach or just simply enjoy a healthy and active life. Helping you find that inner athlete is what we do at Excel.

We invite you to be part of the exciting energy at Excel Performance & Fitness. Our staff is committed to our mission and dedicated to serving you and your family in reaching your goals.

Thank you and God Bless!
Manny & Niki Lherisse