Finally! A "Dirty Little Fat Loss Secret" That Delivers Eye Popping Results. Perfect For Every Fitness Level, *ZERO* Useless Boring Cardio & Absolutely *NO* Dieting.  

Our New Year Fitness Challenge Starts January 14th! 

Here's The Deal... We Know You Are Busy!


Believe me we know! We work with crazy-busy people like you every single day. 

People who thought they could never have a minute to themselves, where they could have a great workout & start to look and feel great again.

Between work and the kids, the running around, the shopping, the spouse, it all seems endless, right?

And where does that leave any time for you? That is EXACTLY why we created this program - just for you!

Now with these 3 easy steps you can get tight & toned and feel and look better than you have in years! 

It's time for you to be YOU again!

Here's How The New Year Fitness Program Works...

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STEP 1: Do 2-4 of Our Team Training Workouts Each Week and mix in a couple of Open Gym sessions.

Each one of our workouts lasts only 45-minutes which means they are fast, effective and will fit the busiest of schedules.

These sessions are scientifically proven to help you burn more fat & tone your body faster. 

PLUS, they will leave you feeling energized each time you leave 💪

You will also have access to the facility during Open Gym hours to get some extra work in!

Meal-Plan journal pic.jpg

STEP 2:  Learn How to Create Your Own Healthy Meals & Build Lasting Habits So You NEVER Have to "Diet" Again!

Who say's healthy eating has to be boring and confusing?

Our goal here is NOT to give you another "diet" to follow...rather an easier way of eating that will give you long-term results that last.

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STEP 3: Stay Accountable With Your Team & Your Coach

Beyond getting the accountability from your fellow members at Excel, you also get weekly check-ins from your our coaching staff.

These check-ins will help keep you focused, motivated, and on track to hitting your goals once and for all!

Best of all, if you get stuck or frustrated, our coaches are only an email or text away! They will help talk you back to success no matter how crazy things get 😃

New Year Fitness Challenge                   


"What Makes This Program Different From Everything Else?"

We know what you are thinking right now...

"What makes Excel and the New Year Fitness Challenge different from all of the other fitness "noise" that is showing up in my social media news feeds and inbox?"

And frankly, that is a great question to be asking...

First off, over the past 5 years we have hosted several successful Fitness Challenges and have delivered amazing results for our clients in as little as 6 weeks.  

Bottom line is that we are the only program in the area that will offer you real results for real people living real lives. Not to mention a fun and supportive environment that will help ease some of the "nerves" of trying something new.

But if you want a true comparison of why we are different and why our programs work so well, check the chart below...

Program Difference for Challenge copy.png

"Think About This For A Second..."

Imagine how would you look 20 pounds lighter.

See it clearly, really visualize it.

How do you look in the mirror now? How about your Facebook photos?

What size jeans do you need to go buy now? 

How high is your confidence now?

How AMAZING do you feel?

Pretty darn amazing right?

Well the truth is, the healthier we are, the happier we are. They are forever linked, thus when we are not healthy, we are not happy. But you can fix that—it is 100% in your control.

But if you’re anything like us and the hundreds of successful clients we’ve worked with, you’ve tried weight loss programs that have ultimately failed.

But let me be clear—YOU didn’t fail…they FAILED YOU!

But what if your success was literally 100% guaranteed (in writing)?

What if you had not only a personal trainer at your side, but an entire FAMILY of dedicated individuals just like you making fitness into a lifestyle through the motivation and support of each other?

When you join this community of "Fitness Warriors", that means you’re ready for your true power to emerge—leaning on each other and supporting each other every step of the way. 

You know you aren't looking for the latest “quick fix” (even though the results come fast). That’s not what you’re here for.

You are training for the long haul, a life full of health and happiness and permanently dropping that extra weight (that you have been holding onto for far too long) once and for all!

That's what you're getting with our New Year Fitness Challenge...




Unlimited Training Sessions For 6 Weeks

So that you always have time to workout no matter how crazy your busy schedule gets...

$449 VALUE

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Unlimited Access to facility during Open Gym hours

Can’t make in for a coached training session? That’s okay! Come in and get some extra work during open gym hours. We will provide you with a workout, or you can choose to do your own workout.



Weekly Nutrition Habits Coaching & Fat Burning Meal Plan

You get a meal plan that works for your tastes, budget, and time restrictions so that you will actually follow the plan...

$199 VALUE


Daily Motivational Messages

These messages will help you stay focused & motivated, all while re-wiring your brain into your biggest ally that will help you turn this "uphill battle" into a "downhill walk in the park"...



Unrestricted Access To Our "Members Only" Facebook Group

Besides getting weekly challenges, recipes, fitness tips, and motivation - you also get 24/7 access to the support you need to keep you on track to doing all of the things you said you were going to do even when you aren't on the mats...



Customized Home Workouts

We understand that sometimes life is going to happen and you won't be able to make it in for a session you planned on doing. This is why we created these home workouts that can be customized by your fitness level. Now you can always get your workout in no matter what life throws at you.



Weekly Check-Ins With Our Coaching Staff

Starting after your first official workout, you will be getting check-ins from our certified coaches that will help you overcome obstacles and stay focused when things start to get a little tough...

$149 VALUE

TOTAL VALUE = $1,133

You Only Pay...






At the end of the 6 weeks the person with the highest weight loss % will be the grand champion and will receive an awesome prize pack and 1 month of unlimited Adult Training sessions.



We will have tons of other prizes and giveaways at our Challenge Finale party at the end of our 6 weeks together.  We will come together to  celebrate everyones victories...big and small.  


Check Out How These Members Feel about Achieving Their Fitness Goals At Excel!

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  • Where Is Your Location? 282 North Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32935

  • What are dates of this 6 Week Challenge? January 14 - Feb 23. We will host 2 Kick off meetings to get your initial weigh-ins and go over program details on Friday, January 11th at 7pm and Saturday, January 12th at 9am. You only need to attend one of these meetings.

  • How Long Are Your Sessions? Each training session is approximately between 45-50 minutes in length which makes them easy to squeeze into busy schedules.

  • If I am out of shape can I still do the program? Yes, we have customizations for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to fit your fitness level.

  • What if I can't make it every day to train? No worries! If you can make it at least 3 days a week to train, you will still get amazing results (especially if you follow our nutrition guidelines). You will also have access to Open Gym as well as the at home workouts.

  • How can we get a hold of you if we have a question? You can call us at (321) 610-3928 or email us at info@excelfitnessfl.com

  • What do I need to bring? All you need are your work out clothes and sneakers. Leave your brain at the door. We’ve got everything else covered. There is recovery bar at EXCEL, pre-order your shake so it’s waiting for you after your workout. (Little wisdom here: the ingredients in our shakes help you recover from workouts and avoid being sore.) Buy or bring water. You must hydrate. This is critical for your health.

  • What Is Your Team Training Session Schedule? Mon/Wed/Fri: 6am, 9am, 5pm and 6pm Tues/Thurs: 8:30am and 6pm Sat: 8am

  • When is Open Gym? Mon/Wed: 7am-12pm and 4pm-8pm Tues/Thurs: 9am-12pm and 4pm-8pm Fri: 7am-12pm and 4pm-6pm Sat: 8am-11am



FACT: Research shows when you are part of a community (what we call our “fitfam”) your results are actually increased by 76%.

When you surround yourself with success-minded individuals you will find success, it’s as simple as that!


ONLY $149.00

Manny & Niki Lherisse - Head Coaches

Manny & Niki Lherisse - Head Coaches

Join Us On Your Personalized Journey To Health, Empowerment, And Fitness Success!

Hi! its Manny & Niki Lherisse,

We are  super excited to get you started on this health and fitness journey! Through healthy eating and expert training, you will LOSE WEIGHT & GET HEALTHY! It is not always easy, but that is why your new Fitness Family, along with us, are here to provide that great atmosphere that inspires, celebrates, and motivates!

You *WILL BE* our next success story! We look forward to welcoming you into your new family and helping you achieve the body and health of your dreams!  See you soon at Excel Fitness
& Performance, where we will help you "Excel at being the best you!"

Dedicated to YOUR Success,

-Manny & Niki Lherisse