The Performance Evaluation is critical to every athlete in our program for four main reasons:

  1. Assesses the current level of an athletes ability.

  2. Allows for proper grouping of the athlete in our program.

  3. Allows for the proper exercise prescription to be developed.

  4. Allows us to record and monitor progress while in our program.

This aspect of our program is what we consider the most important. Without understanding individual strengths and weaknesses of you or your athlete, you cannot be sure that you are working on the right needs in training. During the Evaluation, the athletes will be taught our signature dynamic warmup, be examined during our Running Analysis Procedures, and tested in a battery of physical speed and strength tests.

The cost of the Evaluation is $50.


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Every athlete begins our program with a mandatory performance evaluation.

  • 10 & 20 yard dash tests first step quickness and accleration

  • Vertical Jump - tests explosive power

  • Shuttle Drill (5/10/5)- tests agiity and quickness

  • 5 Broad Jump - tests total body power

  • Chin Up - tests relative body strength

  • Overhead Squat - assess alignment & posture

  • Video Analysis- running and movement analysis



Immediately after the evaluation, our testing expert will discuss the results.

They will also explain which program is the best for your athlete according to his or her needs, and point you in the right direction to get started immediately!

The results will also be scored to rank your athlete in our cat club ranking system


We use the information from the evaluation to assess and group your athlete into the appropriate training program.

The Parisi Speed School has different training programs available for your athletes age and abilities. Depending on their athletic needs the proper training program will be recommended that will ensure the athletes individual needs are met and improve their form and technique individually.