What's up at Excel?

Thanks for visiting our What's up at Excel page.  Since we are a one of a kind facility in Brevard County providing health, fitness and sports performance services for everyone in your family, we want give you a place where you can quickly find the latest offerings and specialty programs.  Check back often as we are always adding programs and services to better serve you and your family! 


Parisi Summer Camps

Parisi Summer Camps are fast and fun! Our camps are open to youth of all ability levels and will deliver an experience that improves fitness, builds character, develops speed, and increases confidence! Campers will learn how to train like athletes, live a healthy lifestyle, have fun and feel better about themselves. Parisi Speed School is the national leader in youth training and our summer camps will provide an unforgettable experience!  Our summer camps are for youth of all abilities from 7-12 years of age. All Camps are Monday-Friday, from 9:00am to 12:00pm for $175 per week.  


Parisi Summer Memberships

The off-season is where champions are made, and this summer Parisi Speed School is the training facility to improve your performance and train to win! With our Summer Membership program, take advantage of special discounted rates.  Athletes of all ages can utilize unlimited training sessions to increase their speed, strength, and performance.